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Authentic Connection
Devika Khatri

0418 120 978

I help women live their lives with meaning, self love and with passion in their relationships.  My service provides women the ability to discover their Love Strategies, Relationship Values, the Masculine & Feminine Energies and 6 Core Needs to:

  • measure & predict their behaviour in life and relationship context.
  • explain their communication, motivation and activity style preferences.
  • give a map of how to communicate with and understand their partner in the most effective way.
  • step by step process to re-ignite the passion and love in their lives.

So, let me help you have the relationship that YOU deserve.

BDM Credit

BDM Credit Management
Tracy Fowler
0408 233 265

BDM Credit Management fully understands the appropriate legislation in relation to the privacy act, PPS, and credit and collections. As well as offering a credit and receivables outsourcing solution for small business, we also assist with process improvement and the implementation of best practice policy and procedures for existing credit teams.

If your business supplies goods and services on credit terms, you may not have the time or resources to chase your customers for payment on a regular basis - or perhaps you just hate the thought of doing it (we cant all be good at everything), why not chat to Tracy.


CDT Bookkeeping
Connie Whitby
0419 503 589
Facebook: @cdtbookkeeping
LinkedIn: @conniewhitby

CDT Bookkeeping is a Melbourne based business providing Bookkeeping and Payroll services. With an extensive background in Payroll and qualifications in Bookkeeping, CDT Bookkeeping assists small businesses get their book work in order, in an accurate and timely fashion.

If you require assistance in getting your books in order or have the need to relinquish the responsibility of your bookkeeping and/or payroll, we would love to help you with that.


Core Wisdom

Mandy Agrew
0437 348808

Core Wisdom we have developed programs that enable you to explore the many layers of your life; recognise your emotional and mental imbalances or blockages; and empowers you to learn, heal and grow through releasing these imbalances.  Each step brings you closer to your centre, to the ‘core’ of who you ‘really’ are, that deeply peaceful, loving, creative and inspired you.  

The physical, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of yourself are holistically interconnected, so as you shift these emotional imbalances, the physical body can begin to heal itself. During these sessions eastern healing traditions and modern day western frameworks are drawn upon including Forensic Healing (Kinesiology), Reiki, Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), Movement Therapy, Past Life Regression, Counseling & Mentoring, Optimum Physique coaching and more.


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