Magnificent Women Business Network,

Our Purpose and Direction:

The committed and proud members of Magnificent Women Business Network encourages personal and business growth by

  • Actively advancing the profile of businesses owned and/or operated by Magnificent women
  • Offering and encouraging opportunities to further Members’ business skills, personal and professional development.
  • Facilitating the sharing of information, social interaction, support and friendship with like minded women.
  • Asserting ethical and professional standards of business.
  • Building effective relationships with other businesses to promote understanding, credibility and acceptance of small and home based businesses.
  • Encouraging joint problem solving by way of education gained from speakers and seminars.
  • Encouraging referrals and the formation of strategic alliances within MWBN.
  • Providing a means for members to connect to and understand the nature of other businesses within the network



Business is all about exposure and unless you are constantly in people’s minds they will go to the next person - why? Because they don’t really know who you are.

Magnificent Women Business Network provides you with the space to create friendships, strategic alliances support each other and access to some of the finest business minds in Melbourne through our speakers for a whole year for less than one small ad in a local newspaper.

If you are in business, thinking of starting a business or would like to get to know our members with the view of joining our network please come along to one of our events.