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Paul McCarthy Dec 2012

PAUL McCarthy - The Rockstar Marketer
Ready, Fire, Aim
The world is filled with people aiming to do something, but results don’t come from aiming - they come from being willing to FIRE! Ready, Fire, Aim reveals the fastest way to achieve the results you want is to become an action taker.  If you want to create breakthrough levels of success, then you must be willing to fail faster. With the pace of life today, there is no time to wait for everything to be perfect before you act.  Ready, Fire, Aim is a way of thinking; a philosophy that leads to unstoppable momentum and faster results

 NOVEMBER 2011Brad November 2011

TRAVIS BELL - The Bucket List Guy
Create a Life by your own Design 
For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a Bucket List & it has been my life’s mission to continually add to it & cross things off it.  An ‘active’ Bucket List gives you a purpose, a direction & motivation to work hard or own a profitable business. A Bucket List helps you to CREATE A LIFE BY YOUR DESIGN, rather than letting life just happen to you. It helps to simply your life by decreasing life’s distractions & increasing your focus on what truly make you happy. Disappointingly though, a lot of people don’t have one. So, it is now my life’s mission to help others create & achieve theirs so that they can live a life of absolute fulfillment

BradTonini _ October

BRAD TONINI - Sales Strategist
As a sought after sales strategist, Brad Tonini has helped hundreds of companies increase their sales quickly through his Million Dollar Sales Habits coaching and training programs.  Brad has had over 16 years of running his own business and shows sales people, sales managers & small business owners how to develop the selling edge!
With tough times ahead, do you have the sales focus you need right now?
Brad will get you focused on achieving great sales results  you will access cutting edge sales strategy, and energise your sales approach.

Pamela McConchie September

PAMELA McCONCHIE - The Start Up Queen
Identify your Target Market 
Known as Australia’s Start-Up Queen, Pamela McConchie delivers critical information on building a business that will not only deliver profits, but allow the owner to design the lifestyle they want. A serial entrepreneur, Pamela knows first hand the challenges of building a successful business from scratch and her real life experience makes her a hit with business audiences everywhere
Pamela will take you on a journey to uncover who you really should be targeting so that you can create better relationships which in turn will lead to greater profits in your business.


LIZ O’DWYER - Customer Centricity
7 Low / No Cost Stategies to WOW your Customers
For over a decade Liz has helped leading companies create, retain and expand profitable clients. Today Liz spends most of her time assisting small business owners to generate more customers, make more money and create more freedom to do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing. The creator of the Multiplier Effect, Liz reveals the secrets to creating dramatically higher profits in your business.   So...if your business isn't generating the income you'd like it to, if you aren't generating referrals (business for free), if you aren't monetising your customer base......these 7 strategies will help build your business and your bottom line

JULY 2011
vicki1 July

VICKY TASS - Funky Monkey
Facebook and Webside Optimisation
Vicky is going to be talking about Social Media Networking, Facebook and Twitter and how it can benefit your business. It is important for your business be promoted on Facebook as a business profile as it looks more professional than if its on your personal page. Facebook is a good way of advertising your business to other companies and friends.

JUNE 2011
Rosemary McCallum -June

ROSEMARY McCULLUM - Psycholtherapist
Abundant Life Mind Body Medicine
Dr. Rosemary McCallum, renowned success coach and creator of the VIAS€¯ system is an experienced and impactful coach who has been activating the exceptional in people from all walks of life for over 20 years
Create - A WHY that is bigger than the individual - learn the art of getting more out your network organisation.
Understand -  the power of a cohesive vision to grow your business and those of your fellow networkers
Recognise -  the subconscious drivers that move you towards success
Overcome -  your subconscious fears that may sabotaging your networking success
Discover- your USP whilst understanding what the customer is looking for

MAY 2011

SHERRY STRONG  - Health and Wellbeing
The Truth About Food
Sherry wittily reveals the shocking truth about food, its, often, detrimental impact on our body and planet. It is not only highly informative, but entertaining to listen to her philosophies on how to heal both. Sherry will have you question everything you know about healthy€¯ eating.  As a food philosopher, nutritional strategist and food coach, Sherry is passionately devoted to holistic€¯ nourishment. The former Victorian chair of Nutrition Australia and Melbourne head of Slow Food has spent over 20 years studying Human Nutrition, Health & Behavioural Science, food and wellness. She is a controversial thought leader and inspirational speaker in the field of Health & Wellbeing.

APRIL 2011
Wendy Barry-April

How To Sell to Customers the Way They Wish to Buy
As well as being one of the co-founders of Top Gun Business Academy (one of Australia’s leading Sales and Management Organisations),Wendy has worked with some of Australia’s most high profile companies.  Wendy is in great demand as a trainer, speaker and coach. Her unique combination of beauty, brains, passion and personal power make her a force to be reckoned with - you will find her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. In a fun and interactive environment, participants will learn how to quickly identify the Primary Personality Styles and understand how to best deal with them

MARCH 2011
Suzanne Glendinning

SUZANNE GLENDENNING - Master NLP Pract., Consultant & Trainer 
Whats Holding You Back?
Sue Glendenning is a qualified Master Results Coach, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified in Neurological Repatterning and Hypnosis, and qualified Performance Consultant.  Sue has an in depth understanding of the pressures of managing a balanced business and personal life to achieve desired results and goals whilst maintaining a program of wellness and wellbeing. Her experience as a successful senior manager, mentor and business advisor in fast moving competitive industries has provided her with the opportunity to develop a range of strategies and techniques to manage stress and find balance in her life 
Now is exactly the right time to take charge of your life. What’s holding you back


BRUCE DOYLE - Action Coach
6 Steps to a Better Business

Achieving amazing results as an entrepreneur, Bruce has developed a passion in helping others achieve the Quality of Life€¯ that he has achieved. This passion is highlighted by the fact that many of his world renowned teachers are now actively demanding his services as their own Keynote Speaker.  Bruce regularly appears on national TV and has presented to thousands of business owners around the World including destinations such as New York, Dublin Ireland, Denaru Fiji, Hawaii , Auckland NZ and extensively throughout Australasia  



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