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Elizabeth Conway_Nov2104

Finding the Magnificent Woman Within

Are you passionate about being successful in your business yet somehow that success has not become a reality?
As in any long journey we usually have a map to follow, to get us to our destination. We choose the road we are going to travel. We pack our bags full of hope for a safe journey. We are filled with excitement and anticipation.

However, along the way we may decide to take a detour- for many different reasons and in those moments we may need to ask for directions and get help from a guide, perhaps, get help in interpreting our map to see where or how we got off our track along our journey

Elizabeth will help guide you back to the path that leads to their destination

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Gary Johnston_Oct2014

Six Life Changing Keys in 60 Minutes
There are six elements of life that you need to control to live the most amazing life:

  • Self-image
  • Relationships
  • Income
  • Recreation
  • Spiritual understanding
  • Health

However, your unconscious mind is in control of these elements for 99% of the human population. It controls who you are attracted to, your interests, your health and whether you are “successful” or not. Unfortunately there are few who really understand how to take this control and create a magnificent future and so very few create the life they would really like.
But, what if you could? Would you?

In 60 minutes Gary Johnston will show you exactly how to understand your unconscious mind,
 its drivers and programs, and the limiting decisions it has made for you


How to create your Magnetic Business Message and use it for Magnificent Effect!

  • Are you struggling to get the number of clients that you want?
  • Are you sick of being the hunter rather than have clients come to you?
  • Are people curious to know more about what you do?
  • Are you finding yourself lost in the crowd of competition? 
In todays noisy world, many businesses can get lost in the crowd that are all competing for the same clients. Without a unique offering or ‘vanilla’ marketing, so many businesses face the prospect of either not being seen or being quickly forgotten.
Being very clear on your message and communicating that message clearly and succinctly are the first critical steps  in introducing your business to the market in a way that will make potential clients and customers curious and want to know more.
In this interactive presentation, Stuart Denman will explain what it takes to create a magnetic business message and use it for Magnificent Effect for your business success.


MANDY AGNEW - Holistic Health Specialist  - Archetypes - Seeling Life Symbolically

Have you ever wondered..
- Why you are attracted to certain people, ideas, or situations and repelled by others?
- Why you sabotage things in life, or why you totally give your power away  to certain people or situations?

What about your dreams and hopes for the future.. 
- Do you feel like you’re just getting through life?
- Do you feel like you’re destined for greatness and abundance? 

Archetypal understanding helps you unleash your highest potential, unlock your understanding of relationships and much, much more.

JULY 2014


MARY UNWIN - Walk TALL - How to get your boots on and TAKE steps to stand out from the crowd.

  • Do you say to yourself  “I must start networking but l don’t like standing up and introducing myself”?
  • Do you need to build your confidence?
  • Do you just love networking and love to meet and help people along the way ?
    If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this event is for you

Mary will be talking about 5 Keys to Your Networking Success

  1. Your 30 second elevator speech - tips, examples, practice
  2. Defining your niche, your ideal clients and their pain
  3. Being a hearty networker, making relationships for success
  4. Follow up, your database, your cafe chats, online presence
  5. What’s special about your service or product?

As a change agent, Mary’s lively events offer information, ideas and  practical strategies, inspiration and humour to move you off the  roundabout of procrastination, negative thinking, low confidence, shaky  self esteem or indecision about changes you desire or are experiencing. Take the time to get off the roundabout and walkTALL.

JUNE 201410353440_789737374372489_2737459596654855033_o

DEBBIE ZITA - 10 Keys that will help you unlock your financial block

    Do you struggle financially?

    Do you feel you are destined for greatness?

    Want to know how to create an abundant life on all levels?

In this talk you will learn the 10 keys that will help you to unlock your block once and for all! After all, don’t you have a message that needs to be spread? Money is a valuable tool that can assist you in spreading your message.


After working as an Intuitive and Medium for 18 months, Debbie became aware of the fact that many of her clients and colleagues struggled with money. It became a daily occurrence to hear “I have a money block” or “I guess I am just meant to be poor”.


Debbie became passionate about finding ways to assist healers and other conscious entrepreneurs to ‘remove’ those blocks and create the abundant lifestyle they had always wanted.

MAY 2014
Jen Appreneur

JEN APPRENEUR - The 5 Biggest Secrets to Building a Global Brand and Business

Learn all about how Jen built a multi-million dollar business in her bathrobe at home and in hotels and resorts all around the world.  She’ll share with you the:

  • number one way to turn your brand in to a book and then in to a best-seller with a NY-based Publisher deal
  • single most important skill to get booked to speak at the biggest public events including TED
  • little-known key to building a global network of Joint Venture partners and collaboration contacts
  • most powerful strategy for simplifying your business systems and your personal life
  • clever, leading-edge asset that others in your market have no idea about - mobile apps.

If any or all of these ideas appeal to you, then you’ll love listening, learning and laughing with Jen because she’s done them all and now teaches other inspired entrepreneurs how to create your own Global Super Star experience too

APRIL 2014
Luanne Simmons_April 2013

LUANNE SIMMONS - Chief Goddess’ of Goddess on Purpose

Luanne’s goal is to show women the path to living their dreams and highest potential, while allowing her to live out her life purpose of helping entrepreneurs succeed. Helping passionate women do great things by empowering them in three key areas; purpose, plan and play.

Combining all her metaphysical and business skills, Luanne is blessed with the gift of looking beyond the masks and identifying each individual's life-purpose.


MARCH 2014
Camille Thurnheer_March 2014

CAMILLE THURNHERR - How to make potential clients fall in love with your business

Camille will talk about the fascinating parallels between having a potential partner fall in love with you and a potential client be drawn to your product or service.  With both, it starts with YOU. Do you know what you stand for? Do you embody your unique value? Right now, would you be excited to do business with YOU? Camille will get you clear on who you need to be & what you need to do in order to be irresistible to your clients

  • Discover what values your brand represents
  • How to have your clients fall in love with your offer
  • How to sell your products/programs with confidence and ease

Camille has studied at various institutes of Coaching and Personal Development. She is an NLP Practitioner and Diploma in Life Coaching graduate.

Natasha Feb 2014

NATASHA DENMAN - Leverage Your Business via Products

Natasha will explain how every business can have products to leverage their marketing and credibility and as part of her presentation she will  run two "Business in the Hot Seat" segments on two lucky business owners in the room. 

With the power of the Mastermind, everyone in the room will benefit from the ideas and suggestions that will come up in these interactive and fun segments.

Natasha Denman is a Product Development Specialist and author of 4 books

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