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CHRISTMAS DINNER - and Christmas Celebrations

We had a lovely evening and enjoyed a scrumptious meal at the Ivanhoe Hotel sharing our dreams for 2014 and learnings from 2013 with authentic like-minded members and guests.


DANIELLE STOREY - How Can I Get More Clients?

Exhibiting at Shows and Events is the most successful and lowest cost per lead when compared to other marketing activities. Danielle will share 3 secrets to successful exhibiting and how ot get those clients and our mini expo will give you the opportunity to put her tips into practice immediately

Danielle is the co-owner of the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute ( as well as owner of Million Dollar Relationships (

Michelle Peppler_October 2013

MICHELE PEPPLER - Step Up and Shine!

Are you experiencing a gap between the rich possibilities you sense are available for you as a woman; the relationships in your life, your greater contribution to the world and who you could be for yourself, compared with the reality of your everyday life?
You are not alone. Like many people, women especially, chances are you are not living a soul empowered life. Overcome the 5 biggest roadblocks stopping many successful, capable women feeling highly valued, appreciated, fully self-expressed and living an authentic life they love!    read more

Mary Sartinas

MARY SARTINAS - Excuse Me! You’re Stepping on My Dreams!

Is conventional thinking holding you back from achieving your financial dreams?
Find out how you can conquer obstacles that stand in your way!

Mary’s story is all about having the courage to trust your gut instinct, finding the purpose that will drive your vision and gathering enough conviction to make it all happen

Mary is highly regarded within the finance broking sector and a spokesperson for industry’s media publications. She is also a public speaker and an educator. read more

Margaret Hiat_August 2013

MARGARET HIATT - Simple Strategies for Speaking Success

Walk away with 3 simple, proven steps to lift your presentation and public speaking skills to build your business .
1. The first solid steps to being a calm and confident speaker
2. Making connections that count
3. Learn how to structure your presentation easily and effectively

Margaret loves to empower people to be the best they can be. She is  committed to working with people to build confidence and clarity in their life so they can make a difference in the world. Margaret is an expert in assisting people understand how a positive mindset can create transformational results. read more

JULY 2013Robert William (Speaker)

ROBERT WILLIAMS - Three Secrets for Successful Public Speaking

  • Is the mere thought of public speaking terrifying to you?
  • Do you avoid network meeting because you panic about elevator speeches”
  • Or perhaps you lack the confidence to be able to communicate a clear and effective message?
  • Do you feel that people don't really get what you're saying?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions then this workshop is not to be missed. This short practical workshop will help you build your confidence in the strength of your voice, what you've got to say and start creating strong rapport with your audience.

  • Breath control & vocal projection
  • Understand what you've got to say
  • Learn how to connect with your audience

Turn those speaking opportunities into gold mines and start making a difference.

JUNE 2013Sally Leary June 2014

SALLY LEAREY - Communications in Business: Strategies for Success

This workshop will leave you with the motivation and skillset to communicate for success.

  • Do you want to increase sales and optimize repeat business?
  • Do you want to maximize every business opportunity?
  • Do you want to learn about effective communication strategies in business?
  • Do you want to enhance your relationships with customers and business associates?
  • Then… this workshop is for YOU!

Sally Learey is a refreshingly authentic, captivating keynote speaker whose presentations add value to corporations.  She is a facilitator and coach/mentor and has worked in  corporate and government sectors.  Sally is an author of 7 books

Read more.

MAY 2013Helen-Mitas May 2013

HELEN MITAS - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the unlimited demands placed on you by work, family, friends and even yourself? If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, it's time to get out of life's Traffic Jam and into the Fast Track to Fabulous.

  • Learn the 6 STEPS that take you from FEAR to FABULOUS
  • Let go of the MYTHS that hold you back from personal power
  • Learn the TRUTH about how to take control
  • Eliminate the BLOCKS and LIMITING BELIEFS holding you back

  Helen  is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Melbourne, Victoria. Learn more

APRIL 2013
Bernadette October 2012 small

BERNADETTE McCLELLAND - The Power of Belieft

Too many people either lose belief in themselves or stop believing - both totally different outcomes. What this means is that their dreams are always out of reach and they end up living other people's goals feeling never quite 'there'.Learn how to truly Be Bold and challenge the status quo or difficult times, Create Wealth by owning your own value first and asking for it second and Serve Others which is where true fulfillment occurs.  Learn more about Bernadette

MARCH 2013

LEO BEATON - Synchronicity of Events in Life – A “God” Send

What is synchronicity and what is its purpose?

  • Have you ever had the experience where you’re really excited about something like the idea of getting a new car and suddenly you start seeing that car EVERYWHERE?
  • Have you ever been thinking of a person and you *just so happen* to run into them in the street or get a random phone call from them?

These events are all examples of synchronicity - they are meaningful coincidences. Synchronicity of events are there to assist you to achieve your objectives in life, but unless you are consciously aware, you will not see them.  I will address how the synchronicity of events can and does assist you in your business. Synchronicity is a way of showing you that your inner world is ‘synchronized’ with your outer world. The two are in sync.

Jenni Mears - Feb

JENNI MEARS - Nourishing your Radiance Within

Are you  looking for more peace, joy and pleasure in a feminine and powerful way?  As women, we want to be powerfully feminine, yet this is not always how we feel or how we experience our lives as women.  Learning how to tap into your feminine power base allows you to become authentically and naturally powerful as a woman – without your feminine essence. Read more

  • Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want – both personally and professionally
  • Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and femininity.
  • Look and feel more radiant when you walk into a room.
  • Learn to follow your higher guidance rather than “pushing” to make things happen


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