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Leon Beaton March 2013

LEON BEATON  - Synchronicity of Events in Life – A “God” Send

During his many years in business and teaching as well as writing a book, synchronicity of events were happening to Leon all the time: some he realised at the time, others only years later as he joined the dots of his life.

Synchronicity of events are there to assist you to achieve your objectives in life, but unless you are consciously aware, you will not see them.


MINI EXPO - wide range of products and services

This month we held a Mini Expo for Members and Guests.  A great opportunity to see the wide range of products  and services offered by our members and perhaps the chance to start your Christmas shopping!

October 2012

BERNADETTE McCLELLAND - The First Sale is Always to Yourself

Bernadette McClelland is an Expert in Sales and helps salespeople sell without selling.   With 3 decades in successful sales roles from Corporate to SME, retail to wholesale and even door to door selling, she has sales leadership skills second to none.

Erica September 2012b

RICA MORRIS - Living in Balance

Erica Morris is an Intuitive healer, Clairvoyant medium and Teacher. Helping others to move beyond emotional roadblocks providing valuable insight, healing and tools to uplift and empower you to move beyond limitations and restrictions.

When one is truly connected with self this helps you to live a far more fulfilled and authentic life. Thus you knowing from your core that anything you dream of can be yours.

Troy Eadie Aug 2012

TROY EADIE - ‘The 5 Critical Mistakes the limit you from having a Million Dollar Business’

Absolutely passionate about helping small business owners crack the Million Dollar mark, Troy has been developing corporate retails stores since 2006

It this interactive workshop you will discover the 5 mistakes that stop SME from growing. Why 80% of all business never grow over $500,000, 85% never have more than 5 employees and 60% work well over 52 hrs. a week.

JULY 2012
Sophie Trpcevski June 2012

SOPHIE TRPCEVSKI - Creating Your Ideal Life

Once you discover the ingredients to creating your ideal life your life will never be the same!
Sophie Trpcevski is an author, inspirational speaker, and leading educator in emotional intelligence and self empowerment coaching in Australia.  She believes that “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.”

JUNE 2012
Geraldine Teggelove

GERALDINE TEGGELOVE - The Secrets of Living an Extraordinary Life

Geraldine wears many hats:
As a metaphysician, counsellor and healer -  she helps people realize their dreams.
As an Intuitive, helps people overcome the everyday challenges and struggles of life.
As an author, Geraldine has published two books to motivate and inspire;
As a songwriter and singer, Geraldine has released three albums of inspirational Celtic music:

Geraldine will share the wisdom of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches. Her words relay a message - no matter what your circumstances are, no matter how old you are, you can transform your situation into the life of your dreams.

APRIL 2012
Warrick - April 2012

WARRICK MERRY  - Get more out of life!

Warwick Merry is a professional speaker, consultant, coach and trainer renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars.  Warwick ignites an inexhaustible passion to Get More out of life.  His clients come from a variety of industries, including finance, government, professional associations, education, manufacturing and mining.



DANIELLE STOREY from The Cartridge Family - Million Dollar Relationships

Do you Dream of Owning a Million Dollar Business? Or would you like business relationships that make you feel like a million dollars?

Danielle entertains with raw honesty about Million Dollar Relationships, work/life balance and the challenges of running a family business. She mentors business owners by providing inspiration, motivation and practical strategies in the key areas of sales, customer service, and staff engagement.Her keynote presentations are funny, illuminating and inspiring

Heather Yelland Jan 2012

HEATHER YELLAND - Personal Development Specialist

Personal Development Specialist Heather Yelland will be our guest speaker to kick of the year 2012.
This incredibly intuitive and insightful speaker will take you on a journey into yourself that will give you an abundance of energy and personal power so you can achieve all your heart’s desires!



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